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This week has been quite the interesting week for me, and if you read my blog last week, you will already know that I had a huge ‘Ah-Ha’ moment truly stemming from not knowing what I want to ‘do’, yet realizing that all this time, if I truly listened to my subconscious, I’ve known the entire time what I wanted.

Last week I had kind of an awkward conversation with my parents about what I am going to do with my ‘life’ now that I’ve moved down south, and do not have a J.O.B. lined up.  That being said, I also had a realization a few weeks back, with them, that I’ve never really had to search for a job, they’ve always just come to me… something that my dad instilled in my subconscious as a little girl… and now I can see the manifestation of owning the ideas, thoughts and words whether they are given to me from someone else, or if they are my own.

I’ve never really been one to worry about what’s next, because I truly know that whatever happens will be fine because it’s supposed to happen. So now I live in Kentucky and only know my boyfriend, a few of his friends and the people that I have met at my new gym. This is a perfect place in my life to really instill the practices that I am learning in the Master Keys Program.

I loved The Flow of Affluence as soon as I read it during last Sunday’s webinar.  I wrote it out so it would be in my own handwriting, and have it hung on my office wall right next to the door so I can read it every time I travel through.

The Law of Giving and Receiving has really played a powerful part in my life, sometimes without me even realizing it until much later. Something that Mark J. said in this week’s webinar really resonated with me.

‘I give more, get more, and Expect the universe to take care of me.’

It is incredible what happens; what doors open and what doors close in perfect harmony to make everything in life happen. I love looking back on my life, especially the last eight years and actually be able to recognize this. Actually be able to know that I am where I am BECAUSE of all of those moments, Good and Bad. (thought… What is really good or bad?  It is more of… It is or It isn’t…)

Anyways, Last Wednesday started as a normal Wednesday as I drove Ryan to Fort Campbell for his eye appointment (to find out if he is eligible for lasik) before my TRX class at the Gym. Life happened and I became too late for my class, so Door 1 opened, and I went to Pilates instead. Ryan called 1/2 way through the class to let me know that I could come get him much earlier than expected (his eyes were dilated, so he couldn’t take his motorcycle in as usual). I decided to pick my dog, Roxy, up on my way back to the base, so she could play in the dog park while we waited. I brought my DMP to read over and adjust, my Og Mandino book, and my audios to listen to… so I was well prepared, just in case I had to wait a while.

Roxy and I pulled into the dog park and just as she started to get Super excited to run around with her friends, I felt the truck jolt and heard a loud bursting pop. I pulled into the parking lot to check the tire, and sure enough… a gigantic hole popped on the side of the tire with air blasting out. Awesome!  I was so happy that I was already at the dog park when this happened.

And you know what…?  I kind of shocked myself.  I was not at all mad, frustrated or angry. I had this feeling of calm over me, knowing that ‘what will be, Will be’, and I knew there was a purpose for this.  I have no clue what it is… and found myself thinking ‘Oh Great… What Karmic Debt is this paying off?!? I then had the thought of… maybe it wasn’t a lesson for me, yet… or at all…?

That is one thing that I am learning through this MKMMA course… I find myself really questioning purposes a Lot more than normal.

I was so happy that I had prepared myself for a long wait, with my reading materials…

A tow truck came to rescue us within an hour and a half, and the nice dealership had a complimentary shuttle to take me home instead of waiting there. Everything was going so smoothly!

And that’s where my fun and my brain really started going…

I grabbed my mail as I went into the house, and there was a bright pink Complimentary newspaper waiting Just For Me. Never once have we ordered the paper, and rarely do I read it in paper form. This particular paper was the Breast Cancer Awareness paper, and the very first article was there just for me to read. A gift given from the universe! Immediately, I called my mom to share in my excitement.  She is a survivor, one year strong! The headline: ‘School District Begins Recruitment’, written by the Chief Administrative Officer of the school district. I became so excited as all of a sudden the possibilities started expanding exponentially! Immediately, that awkward conversation with my parents last week vanished as I instantly became motivated and full of purpose. My brain started working out details and plans as my mom and I brainstormed about how to go about inquiring the positions that I would be perfect for. ‘I can be what I will to be!’ What a fantastic way to get involved with the community that I just moved to, and to be able to work with kids! To help mold and sculpt their young brains to become the masterpieces that they are fully capable of being.

I look forward to finding out where this seemingly random chain of events takes me. I have taken steps in the right direction, keeping an open mind that the correct events are given to me at the exact right time.

Until Next Week!




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  1. Great work being the observer this week, Brittany! It IS conspiring in your favor, and it’s so fun to have eyes to see that!

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