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This week’s assignment was to have absolutely no opinions, whatsoever. I thought this would be easy! Well, let me tell you… it was easy- but what did for me was absolutely shocking. I shocked myself numerous times, and stirred many feelings of embarrassment and shame.

This assignment helped me become completely aware of all of my opinions, and I realized that they were, for the most part, not nice… at all.

Now, let me allow my ego a chance to say that I love finding things to love… finding the good in things… so now that that’s out of the way, I’ll get on with the dirty, honest truth.

I always thought that I was a very kind & open minded person, and this awareness has really helped me understand two things:

1) Everything is an opinion. Everything. And, opinions are almost always a form of judgment…

2) If I’m catching myself with negative opinions, what does that say about me?! 😱


The assignment was enlightening and helped me ‘check’ myself.  I then started realizing how judgmental I was, and I did not feel good about this realization.

Keeping quiet, just listening instead of interjecting was an interesting feat for me this week… as my awareness was wide open. I went through six airports on my way from Nashville to Las Vegas; not only were all of my senses on overload, my brain was bombarded with opinions!

In a way, the realizations unveiled through this assignment helped me chill out a bit and enjoy myself a little bit more. It’s a lot easier to just appreciate people and things just as they are instead of thinking a change on them.



  1. AWESOME!!!!! ❤

  2. It is a powerful exercise, indeed.

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