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This week has been a grueling week for me… but in hind sight, it all makes sense.

I just returned ‘home’ from a week in Las Vegas for my company’s annual national convention – a fantastic weekend full of realizations, re-directions, new friends, old friends, and major decisions.

I’ve been on the fence with staying with my company or not, and of course I am on an all time high after the event – full of fire and gusto to ‘make it happen’… I had a great start with new contacts and calls the first few days back, then life hit.

Bills, deadlines, real life decisions.

I’ve been keeping up fantastically with my MKMMA readings (which I have recorded myself reading all of the readings, and I listen to in my own voice), and visualizations.I find myself looking forward to listening to the recordings throughout the day.

I decided to make a few additions to my DMP, which I have sent in and it feels more accurate to me now.

A big thing I have been teetering with is living in Kentucky, needing to buy a new car, and find a ‘job’… however I will be traveling throughout the holidays, and will be staying in Wisconsin from January-April… so finding a ‘job’ in Kentucky for the time being is going to have to wait until I come back in April.

I got pulled over on Wednesday for passing a truck. I did not know that I was going 5 over – I thought the speed limit was 65 on the country road. I was incredibly happy that he gave me a warning, however he asked to see my proof of insurance, which Ryan had in his wallet, at work.  Because I did not have it on me in the car, the police officer issued me a court date to prove that I had Kentucky insurance. This frustrated me big time, even though I was on Ryan’s insurance.All I could think was ‘OK, This is happening for a reason’. No biggie. I’m covered. No reason to be frustrated.

On the job front: the frustration of hitting the pavement going door to door with my MLM company… and having to pay the bills… so searching for a ‘job’ is becoming more and more daunting.  The school district is still my top choice, but again, it will have to wait until I move back in April.

This week has been about lots of deep breaths, clearing my mind from all of the ‘what if’s’, and just allowing things to ‘BE’.  Everything will work out in the end, the way it’s supposed to.


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  1. Yes, it will work out – just as it is supposed to.

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