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img_3737.jpg‘I Can Be What I Will To Be’.

‘I Love the failures, for they can teach me’

Words so simple, yet so profound for me. If you would have found me 3 years ago, you would have met a completely different person… the same soul, just clouded by the tangles of life.

Seven years of my life got swept away by the consequences of my choices, and before I knew it, I was completely lost in my own skin. Until one day, a Power Greater than Myself knocked some sense into me and woke me up. I knew that I wanted more to my life than I was experiencing, and I knew that I was more than I was at the moment.

Leveraging the Law of Karma is what I started doing, without knowing it. Taking a different point of view. Realizing that I could have something different, and understanding that I could find good out of the situation.

Jim Rohn said ‘Greatness is a few simple disciplines practiced every day’.

Each day improvement might seem really small, but in the end, add them up and its an amazing improvement. Steady, small practice. I am the architect of my own reality. What matters is HOW it happens. Do Better, Get Stronger. Be Present, Totally open minded and Totally Willing. ‘The world within creates the world without’.

It is incredibly astonishing to look at my life now… and realize that I have what I was dreaming about then. I manifested it… practicing what we are learning in this course. It is fun to sit back and recognize the aspects of my life that are still pulling together and being created as I type this. As I envision my future self and life, my heart is filled with happiness and comfort. To be honest to my heart is to be honest to my life.



  1. Jim Rohn said ‘Greatness is a few simple disciplines practiced every day’. – and now the MKMMA has shown you how to practice the disciplines!

  2. Perfect! The real you in unfolding and the best part is you are the observer and both appreciate and learn from it.

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