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‘Whatever we think about grows.

What we forget atrophies’

img_7114.jpgMy last blog post touches on the fact that I am, and have been, manifesting my life for a very long time. What is incredible is while I sit here typing this, I realize that the life that I have right now is purely due to my dreams from the past few years. What’s cool is that today, as I was at the gym, I allowed my imagination to start creating new movies in my mind of the future; what I want, how it’s going to happen, who will be involved… and I caught myself smiling as I realized that I was doing (and have been doing) what Mark talked about in this week’s webinar. Then I realized that as my life continues to evolve and take on new forms of reality, I must update my DMP.  With how fast my life is changing, so are all of the aspects of it… all to create my Ultimate Major Purpose.

This week was all about ‘the greatest mechanism on the planet’, the brain, and learning how its two hemispheres communicate via the corpus callosum which allows information and concepts to pass from one side to the other.  Without getting all scientific, the take home message was two-fold.

1) When both sides of the brain are engaged, it moves idealization into stronger, deeper visualization, which thus creates materialization. This makes traffic on the Corpus Callosum demand clearer and faster into the subconscious.

2) There is no such thing as a Left Brained, or Right Brained ‘person’.  Both sides of the brain must work together in order to function correctly. When only one side of the brain works, the person struggles severely.

I have always been coined a ‘Right Brained’ person… very creative, musically inclined, intuitive and social. My ‘Left Brained’ qualities are much weaker. However, I Can Be left brained inclined… situation-ally, specifically in business relations. I knew that I learned best creatively, not by sitting at a desk ‘reading’ out of a book… I could barely hold my concentration long enough to read, yet alone understand the concepts I read about!

It was around 1996 when my family moved into a new subdivision, which was about three years more advanced academically then my previous school district. I was about 12 years old, right on the brink of ‘finding my own’, and had a lot of friends… in my old district.  In my new district, I knew no one, and I was three years behind academically. This was very tough on me, as a 12 year old kid… and most importantly, more tough on my brain and learning abilities. My brain was forced ahead three years without any transition, and I learned how to adapt and adjust like a triangle wheeled bicycle trying to move forward. Fast forward a few years – I ‘did it’ with flying colors. I truly believe it was because of my ‘right brained-ness’: Creativity, Intuition, Imagination and Social make up. That and my ‘Right Brained’ father’s creativity to figure out a way to help me learn.

What did he do, you ask? He made up songs and dances to go with my vocabulary lists. He helped color code and highlight. He helped sound out words with ridiculous sounds. And most importantly, he was there for me to catch me when I let the frustration take over – and he invited new friends over to work on the issues together.

It is said that out of the many ways people learn, 7 are the most prominent:








What I am learning is that when both sides of the brain are engaged, and I involve two or more ways of learning… Boom! MY subconscious instantly looks for supply methods and new resources to make ‘it’ happen… what ever ‘it’ may be. Right now… ‘it’s’ manifesting my life. With all of the tools I have learned in this class, and remembering what I have learned in the past, I am having a blast catching myself ‘doing this stuff’ without consciously realizing it.

So, as I was working out today and allowing my subconscious the space to work out what it needs to work out, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie of my future manifest right before my eyes.


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  1. Great post Brittany! Very clear explanation!

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