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Monthly Archives: January 2018

‘What goes around comes around.’

‘What you give, is what you’ll get.’

‘Give More, Get More.’

We’ve all heard these common statements, and usually laugh them off, or roll our eyes when we hear them. But the second that we realize that this S*it is real – then we really shape up!

We are writing on index cards all the things that we are grateful for – 3 a day… a practice that I believe will continue on for the remainder of this course – and probably the remainder of our lives.

I started a gratitude journal before bed about 4 years ago when I was ‘growing’ through a really tough relationship. I knew about ‘this stuff’, and really tried to put it to the test. So at night before I fell asleep I would write a list of 10 things I was grateful for that day. Then I really focused on things I was grateful for (about my now-Ex)… What I NOW Know… is that I was focusing on the things I hated, or couldn’t stand, or that made me unhappy or sad, and I tried to reverse it.

Now, I know that this is possible… but once in a while, I guess you gotta go through the s*it to come out better on the other side, right?

As a genuinely positive person, it is innately easy for me to be grateful about things, experiences, people – you name it. What I also know is my strength in this avenue is becoming more acute; the more I focus on the gratitude, the more it grows. The more I love, the love increases. (This DOES work both ways if you allow it…)

This gets really cool when I start experiencing things that are ‘Just Happening for Me’… Seriously. Life just seems to effortlessly & easily flow for me – especially when I put my positive intention out to the Universe, and allow it to manifest.

One of my favorite affirmations over the last decade has been ‘Smooth & Easy’… And that is exactly how I like life. Smooth & Easily.


Lesson for this week:

Focus on gratitude and my production will go up.


‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’ -Master Keys, Part 12

Haanel goes on to say that knowledge does not apply itself, I must first make the application then ‘fertilize’ the thought with a living purpose. My ideal must be sharp, clear cut and definite.

This couldn’t be more accurate for me at this very moment! I have been in the market to purchase a new car, and after only a few days of looking online I came across a handful that fit my standards.  We set out on a weekend excursion of ‘car shopping’ and fun in Nashville, TN. The very first car we went to check out was Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for… color, size, make, ‘bells & whistles’ (or lack there of), it was the most perfectly beautiful basic car I could have ever asked for. The price was unbelievable, it was only 2 years old, and it only had 44,000 miles on it! I could not Believe it! I literally thought to myself: ‘Well, does the Universe really just give me what I want ‘Just Like That’? Really? It couldn’t be. What’s the catch?!? And just like that… my brain took over and tried figuring it out.  And just like that, the news was given to us as the guy handed me the key… ‘You know how to drive stick, right?’.

Instantly I froze and shriveled up a bit. Bummer. ‘No, No I don’t know how to drive stick.’.

And just like that, we were out of that dealership without skipping a beat. We had a marvelous lunch on Broadway at Rippy’s Bar & Grill, walked the strip a bit then headed back (the hour drive) home to visit a few more car dealerships.

Every car after that first one just wasn’t right. None of them were right. Something was off about all of them. I kept going back into my head thinking ‘Man, that first car was perfect, except it’s stick’.  I must have thought that about a million times before 11pm that night.

Then, when we got home, it occurred to me : What the H#LL! I can LEARN Stick! And just like that my mind was made up. Done Deal. That car was Mine. Now… just to make sure the cash was available…

A few people questioned my decision, but for ‘some reason’ I had the Courage & dared to ‘DO’. Paragraph four in Haanel’s Master Key’s lesson 12 states: ‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’

We drove back to Nashville bright and early the very next morning, with pure confidence that All would work out perfectly, and of course the money was available in my bank account.

Never before had anyone in that dealership witnessed a new car buyer purchase a car without knowing how to drive it. Never.

It took me one week to master the driving techniques, and within three weeks I was on a five hour weekend road trip to Georgia with my dog. 🙂 (oh, I’d like to add that in the back of my head I was a little nervous about learning how to drive in snow… and I wasn’t looking forward to going back ‘home’ (Wisconsin) to learn. Well, The Universe decided to give me a fast lesson by dumping a record amount of snow on the exact area I was visiting for the weekend! That area Rarely gets snow…)

Gotta love that sense of humor! And I love knowing that all of the laws of the universe are always working in perfect & harmonious balance with each other.


This week has been a whirlwind of a week, and I am still trying to tie all the connections of the webinar, Mark’s short video and the Master Keys reading together.  I’ve re-listened to the videos, audios and have revisited my notes multiple times…

Haanell’s three processes to gaining the estate, Hill’s four ‘How To’s’, Mark J’s mathematical equation, Emerson’s Leavening agent, All of the Laws that are always working in perfect harmony and Inductive reasoning, and of course the inspirational video of DJ Gregory and his life’s purpose…

What I am taking away from this week is the understanding that I know that all of the loose ends WILL come together to make perfect sense. My persistence along with my burning desire, continuous actions and masterminding with others will create my results. My habits and focus will continue to increase my gains, understanding, and discipline.

#I Promise


I was in 4th grade when I heard and internalized my first affirmation- that I still find myself singing to this day.

I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic! I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. I’m alive, awake, alert,

I’m alert, awake, alive,

I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!”

It was from a song that my friends in my Girl Scout troop were preparing for for their upcoming school concert. I recall them having SO Much Fun when they sang it, and soon our entire troop was singing it at the top of our lungs during a weekend camping trip. I have no clue how the rest of the song goes, but I sure do remember how I felt when I first heard it.

‘Hey! That’s Me! That’s how I feel every day!’.

Fast foreword about four years- 1998 was when I really started learning about affirmations when I started getting really involved with crewing Anthony Robbins events. A woman named Loren Slocum was the crew director- and probably one of the best teachers in my ongoing life. At every event I crewed, which was somewhere around 20 over 10 years, we always did a workshop on affirmations.

‘I’m Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy & Strong’ is always a favorite of mine while I’m out walking my dog. I find myself interchanging the words to be more fitting for my day- and it always adds a great pep to my step.

Another one that really rang true to me I heard in 2004, it’s also sung as a song and repeated:

‘Every single cell in my body is healthy, every single cell in my body is good’

‘I’m so glad every single cell in my body is healthy and good’.

An affirmation can be described as a statement of truth that you make firm with enthusiastic repetition.

Back in 1998 I thought affirmations were about what I wanted in life. I wanted to be healthy, wealthy, sexy & strong- so I repeated it over & over until the words flew off my tongue like the ABC’s.

Now, I realize that affirmations are creating what I want in life, my future. So when I repeat my new affirmations, I am actually putting it out there into the universe to manifest. With the Law of Growth, persistence, trust and belief that all of these things are connected, I know that I am giving focus to my new reality and giving oxygen to my soul.

By applying the knowledge that I’m learning and keeping my promises, I know that my affirmations are becoming my reflections, and in another 20 years, I will be able to reflect on the past 40 years of my life’s affirmations and know that I am where I am because of my conscious realization of the Law of Attraction and intention to bring it into materialization of my new realities.