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‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’ -Master Keys, Part 12

Haanel goes on to say that knowledge does not apply itself, I must first make the application then ‘fertilize’ the thought with a living purpose. My ideal must be sharp, clear cut and definite.

This couldn’t be more accurate for me at this very moment! I have been in the market to purchase a new car, and after only a few days of looking online I came across a handful that fit my standards.  We set out on a weekend excursion of ‘car shopping’ and fun in Nashville, TN. The very first car we went to check out was Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for… color, size, make, ‘bells & whistles’ (or lack there of), it was the most perfectly beautiful basic car I could have ever asked for. The price was unbelievable, it was only 2 years old, and it only had 44,000 miles on it! I could not Believe it! I literally thought to myself: ‘Well, does the Universe really just give me what I want ‘Just Like That’? Really? It couldn’t be. What’s the catch?!? And just like that… my brain took over and tried figuring it out.  And just like that, the news was given to us as the guy handed me the key… ‘You know how to drive stick, right?’.

Instantly I froze and shriveled up a bit. Bummer. ‘No, No I don’t know how to drive stick.’.

And just like that, we were out of that dealership without skipping a beat. We had a marvelous lunch on Broadway at Rippy’s Bar & Grill, walked the strip a bit then headed back (the hour drive) home to visit a few more car dealerships.

Every car after that first one just wasn’t right. None of them were right. Something was off about all of them. I kept going back into my head thinking ‘Man, that first car was perfect, except it’s stick’.  I must have thought that about a million times before 11pm that night.

Then, when we got home, it occurred to me : What the H#LL! I can LEARN Stick! And just like that my mind was made up. Done Deal. That car was Mine. Now… just to make sure the cash was available…

A few people questioned my decision, but for ‘some reason’ I had the Courage & dared to ‘DO’. Paragraph four in Haanel’s Master Key’s lesson 12 states: ‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’

We drove back to Nashville bright and early the very next morning, with pure confidence that All would work out perfectly, and of course the money was available in my bank account.

Never before had anyone in that dealership witnessed a new car buyer purchase a car without knowing how to drive it. Never.

It took me one week to master the driving techniques, and within three weeks I was on a five hour weekend road trip to Georgia with my dog. 🙂 (oh, I’d like to add that in the back of my head I was a little nervous about learning how to drive in snow… and I wasn’t looking forward to going back ‘home’ (Wisconsin) to learn. Well, The Universe decided to give me a fast lesson by dumping a record amount of snow on the exact area I was visiting for the weekend! That area Rarely gets snow…)

Gotta love that sense of humor! And I love knowing that all of the laws of the universe are always working in perfect & harmonious balance with each other.



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