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Daily Archives: January 8th, 2018

‘What goes around comes around.’

‘What you give, is what you’ll get.’

‘Give More, Get More.’

We’ve all heard these common statements, and usually laugh them off, or roll our eyes when we hear them. But the second that we realize that this S*it is real – then we really shape up!

We are writing on index cards all the things that we are grateful for – 3 a day… a practice that I believe will continue on for the remainder of this course – and probably the remainder of our lives.

I started a gratitude journal before bed about 4 years ago when I was ‘growing’ through a really tough relationship. I knew about ‘this stuff’, and really tried to put it to the test. So at night before I fell asleep I would write a list of 10 things I was grateful for that day. Then I really focused on things I was grateful for (about my now-Ex)… What I NOW Know… is that I was focusing on the things I hated, or couldn’t stand, or that made me unhappy or sad, and I tried to reverse it.

Now, I know that this is possible… but once in a while, I guess you gotta go through the s*it to come out better on the other side, right?

As a genuinely positive person, it is innately easy for me to be grateful about things, experiences, people – you name it. What I also know is my strength in this avenue is becoming more acute; the more I focus on the gratitude, the more it grows. The more I love, the love increases. (This DOES work both ways if you allow it…)

This gets really cool when I start experiencing things that are ‘Just Happening for Me’… Seriously. Life just seems to effortlessly & easily flow for me – especially when I put my positive intention out to the Universe, and allow it to manifest.

One of my favorite affirmations over the last decade has been ‘Smooth & Easy’… And that is exactly how I like life. Smooth & Easily.


Lesson for this week:

Focus on gratitude and my production will go up.