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‘What goes around comes around.’

‘What you give, is what you’ll get.’

‘Give More, Get More.’

We’ve all heard these common statements, and usually laugh them off, or roll our eyes when we hear them. But the second that we realize that this S*it is real – then we really shape up!

We are writing on index cards all the things that we are grateful for – 3 a day… a practice that I believe will continue on for the remainder of this course – and probably the remainder of our lives.

I started a gratitude journal before bed about 4 years ago when I was ‘growing’ through a really tough relationship. I knew about ‘this stuff’, and really tried to put it to the test. So at night before I fell asleep I would write a list of 10 things I was grateful for that day. Then I really focused on things I was grateful for (about my now-Ex)… What I NOW Know… is that I was focusing on the things I hated, or couldn’t stand, or that made me unhappy or sad, and I tried to reverse it.

Now, I know that this is possible… but once in a while, I guess you gotta go through the s*it to come out better on the other side, right?

As a genuinely positive person, it is innately easy for me to be grateful about things, experiences, people – you name it. What I also know is my strength in this avenue is becoming more acute; the more I focus on the gratitude, the more it grows. The more I love, the love increases. (This DOES work both ways if you allow it…)

This gets really cool when I start experiencing things that are ‘Just Happening for Me’… Seriously. Life just seems to effortlessly & easily flow for me – especially when I put my positive intention out to the Universe, and allow it to manifest.

One of my favorite affirmations over the last decade has been ‘Smooth & Easy’… And that is exactly how I like life. Smooth & Easily.


Lesson for this week:

Focus on gratitude and my production will go up.


‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’ -Master Keys, Part 12

Haanel goes on to say that knowledge does not apply itself, I must first make the application then ‘fertilize’ the thought with a living purpose. My ideal must be sharp, clear cut and definite.

This couldn’t be more accurate for me at this very moment! I have been in the market to purchase a new car, and after only a few days of looking online I came across a handful that fit my standards.  We set out on a weekend excursion of ‘car shopping’ and fun in Nashville, TN. The very first car we went to check out was Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for… color, size, make, ‘bells & whistles’ (or lack there of), it was the most perfectly beautiful basic car I could have ever asked for. The price was unbelievable, it was only 2 years old, and it only had 44,000 miles on it! I could not Believe it! I literally thought to myself: ‘Well, does the Universe really just give me what I want ‘Just Like That’? Really? It couldn’t be. What’s the catch?!? And just like that… my brain took over and tried figuring it out.  And just like that, the news was given to us as the guy handed me the key… ‘You know how to drive stick, right?’.

Instantly I froze and shriveled up a bit. Bummer. ‘No, No I don’t know how to drive stick.’.

And just like that, we were out of that dealership without skipping a beat. We had a marvelous lunch on Broadway at Rippy’s Bar & Grill, walked the strip a bit then headed back (the hour drive) home to visit a few more car dealerships.

Every car after that first one just wasn’t right. None of them were right. Something was off about all of them. I kept going back into my head thinking ‘Man, that first car was perfect, except it’s stick’.  I must have thought that about a million times before 11pm that night.

Then, when we got home, it occurred to me : What the H#LL! I can LEARN Stick! And just like that my mind was made up. Done Deal. That car was Mine. Now… just to make sure the cash was available…

A few people questioned my decision, but for ‘some reason’ I had the Courage & dared to ‘DO’. Paragraph four in Haanel’s Master Key’s lesson 12 states: ‘You must first have your knowledge of your power, Second, the courage to dare and third, the faith to do.’

We drove back to Nashville bright and early the very next morning, with pure confidence that All would work out perfectly, and of course the money was available in my bank account.

Never before had anyone in that dealership witnessed a new car buyer purchase a car without knowing how to drive it. Never.

It took me one week to master the driving techniques, and within three weeks I was on a five hour weekend road trip to Georgia with my dog. 🙂 (oh, I’d like to add that in the back of my head I was a little nervous about learning how to drive in snow… and I wasn’t looking forward to going back ‘home’ (Wisconsin) to learn. Well, The Universe decided to give me a fast lesson by dumping a record amount of snow on the exact area I was visiting for the weekend! That area Rarely gets snow…)

Gotta love that sense of humor! And I love knowing that all of the laws of the universe are always working in perfect & harmonious balance with each other.


This week has been a whirlwind of a week, and I am still trying to tie all the connections of the webinar, Mark’s short video and the Master Keys reading together.  I’ve re-listened to the videos, audios and have revisited my notes multiple times…

Haanell’s three processes to gaining the estate, Hill’s four ‘How To’s’, Mark J’s mathematical equation, Emerson’s Leavening agent, All of the Laws that are always working in perfect harmony and Inductive reasoning, and of course the inspirational video of DJ Gregory and his life’s purpose…

What I am taking away from this week is the understanding that I know that all of the loose ends WILL come together to make perfect sense. My persistence along with my burning desire, continuous actions and masterminding with others will create my results. My habits and focus will continue to increase my gains, understanding, and discipline.

#I Promise


I was in 4th grade when I heard and internalized my first affirmation- that I still find myself singing to this day.

I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic! I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. I’m alive, awake, alert,

I’m alert, awake, alive,

I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!”

It was from a song that my friends in my Girl Scout troop were preparing for for their upcoming school concert. I recall them having SO Much Fun when they sang it, and soon our entire troop was singing it at the top of our lungs during a weekend camping trip. I have no clue how the rest of the song goes, but I sure do remember how I felt when I first heard it.

‘Hey! That’s Me! That’s how I feel every day!’.

Fast foreword about four years- 1998 was when I really started learning about affirmations when I started getting really involved with crewing Anthony Robbins events. A woman named Loren Slocum was the crew director- and probably one of the best teachers in my ongoing life. At every event I crewed, which was somewhere around 20 over 10 years, we always did a workshop on affirmations.

‘I’m Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy & Strong’ is always a favorite of mine while I’m out walking my dog. I find myself interchanging the words to be more fitting for my day- and it always adds a great pep to my step.

Another one that really rang true to me I heard in 2004, it’s also sung as a song and repeated:

‘Every single cell in my body is healthy, every single cell in my body is good’

‘I’m so glad every single cell in my body is healthy and good’.

An affirmation can be described as a statement of truth that you make firm with enthusiastic repetition.

Back in 1998 I thought affirmations were about what I wanted in life. I wanted to be healthy, wealthy, sexy & strong- so I repeated it over & over until the words flew off my tongue like the ABC’s.

Now, I realize that affirmations are creating what I want in life, my future. So when I repeat my new affirmations, I am actually putting it out there into the universe to manifest. With the Law of Growth, persistence, trust and belief that all of these things are connected, I know that I am giving focus to my new reality and giving oxygen to my soul.

By applying the knowledge that I’m learning and keeping my promises, I know that my affirmations are becoming my reflections, and in another 20 years, I will be able to reflect on the past 40 years of my life’s affirmations and know that I am where I am because of my conscious realization of the Law of Attraction and intention to bring it into materialization of my new realities.

‘Whatever we think about grows.

What we forget atrophies’

img_7114.jpgMy last blog post touches on the fact that I am, and have been, manifesting my life for a very long time. What is incredible is while I sit here typing this, I realize that the life that I have right now is purely due to my dreams from the past few years. What’s cool is that today, as I was at the gym, I allowed my imagination to start creating new movies in my mind of the future; what I want, how it’s going to happen, who will be involved… and I caught myself smiling as I realized that I was doing (and have been doing) what Mark talked about in this week’s webinar. Then I realized that as my life continues to evolve and take on new forms of reality, I must update my DMP.  With how fast my life is changing, so are all of the aspects of it… all to create my Ultimate Major Purpose.

This week was all about ‘the greatest mechanism on the planet’, the brain, and learning how its two hemispheres communicate via the corpus callosum which allows information and concepts to pass from one side to the other.  Without getting all scientific, the take home message was two-fold.

1) When both sides of the brain are engaged, it moves idealization into stronger, deeper visualization, which thus creates materialization. This makes traffic on the Corpus Callosum demand clearer and faster into the subconscious.

2) There is no such thing as a Left Brained, or Right Brained ‘person’.  Both sides of the brain must work together in order to function correctly. When only one side of the brain works, the person struggles severely.

I have always been coined a ‘Right Brained’ person… very creative, musically inclined, intuitive and social. My ‘Left Brained’ qualities are much weaker. However, I Can Be left brained inclined… situation-ally, specifically in business relations. I knew that I learned best creatively, not by sitting at a desk ‘reading’ out of a book… I could barely hold my concentration long enough to read, yet alone understand the concepts I read about!

It was around 1996 when my family moved into a new subdivision, which was about three years more advanced academically then my previous school district. I was about 12 years old, right on the brink of ‘finding my own’, and had a lot of friends… in my old district.  In my new district, I knew no one, and I was three years behind academically. This was very tough on me, as a 12 year old kid… and most importantly, more tough on my brain and learning abilities. My brain was forced ahead three years without any transition, and I learned how to adapt and adjust like a triangle wheeled bicycle trying to move forward. Fast forward a few years – I ‘did it’ with flying colors. I truly believe it was because of my ‘right brained-ness’: Creativity, Intuition, Imagination and Social make up. That and my ‘Right Brained’ father’s creativity to figure out a way to help me learn.

What did he do, you ask? He made up songs and dances to go with my vocabulary lists. He helped color code and highlight. He helped sound out words with ridiculous sounds. And most importantly, he was there for me to catch me when I let the frustration take over – and he invited new friends over to work on the issues together.

It is said that out of the many ways people learn, 7 are the most prominent:








What I am learning is that when both sides of the brain are engaged, and I involve two or more ways of learning… Boom! MY subconscious instantly looks for supply methods and new resources to make ‘it’ happen… what ever ‘it’ may be. Right now… ‘it’s’ manifesting my life. With all of the tools I have learned in this class, and remembering what I have learned in the past, I am having a blast catching myself ‘doing this stuff’ without consciously realizing it.

So, as I was working out today and allowing my subconscious the space to work out what it needs to work out, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie of my future manifest right before my eyes.

img_3737.jpg‘I Can Be What I Will To Be’.

‘I Love the failures, for they can teach me’

Words so simple, yet so profound for me. If you would have found me 3 years ago, you would have met a completely different person… the same soul, just clouded by the tangles of life.

Seven years of my life got swept away by the consequences of my choices, and before I knew it, I was completely lost in my own skin. Until one day, a Power Greater than Myself knocked some sense into me and woke me up. I knew that I wanted more to my life than I was experiencing, and I knew that I was more than I was at the moment.

Leveraging the Law of Karma is what I started doing, without knowing it. Taking a different point of view. Realizing that I could have something different, and understanding that I could find good out of the situation.

Jim Rohn said ‘Greatness is a few simple disciplines practiced every day’.

Each day improvement might seem really small, but in the end, add them up and its an amazing improvement. Steady, small practice. I am the architect of my own reality. What matters is HOW it happens. Do Better, Get Stronger. Be Present, Totally open minded and Totally Willing. ‘The world within creates the world without’.

It is incredibly astonishing to look at my life now… and realize that I have what I was dreaming about then. I manifested it… practicing what we are learning in this course. It is fun to sit back and recognize the aspects of my life that are still pulling together and being created as I type this. As I envision my future self and life, my heart is filled with happiness and comfort. To be honest to my heart is to be honest to my life.


Well!  If this week’s webinar could have been any more on point, I’d think We are really in charge of manifesting our realities! 😉

Focus, Focus, Focus.

What Have I been focusing on for WEEKS now? A Job & A Car.

Well, Guess What… This Week BOTH Happened to me!

It has been an incredibly busy (and stressful) past few weeks… and I am realizing that ‘this stuff’ really works. What you focus on, you get more of… I am very grateful that I am a positive person. Sometimes I have to shake a bit of the doubts – and I remind myself that there wouldn’t be mountains without valleys. In Mark’s Webinar, he stated that one can only get rid of a thought by substituting it with a different thought; so I ask ‘why not just stick to positive thoughts?’. Think about what I want instead of what I don’t want… The Law of Substitution and the Law of Growth can be found here.

The Law of Substitution:

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind, try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought. Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, ‘Resist not evil’, meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.

The Law of Growth:

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.


So, This week, as Ryan and I were coordinating driving plans, he finally had it with sharing his truck and we started really looking for a vehicle for myself. Last week I got into a bit of a depression, after getting pulled over in his truck, and having to deal with the insurance issue. This week we found a car online on Thursday night and sent in a request for information. Friday morning we decided to go look at it… before we realized it was located an hour and a half away, in Nashville.  Grateful that Ryan was given a four day weekend, we went for it. Just dove in for the adventure.

Totally open minded-ly, we took a sporadic road trip to Nashville to check out a fantastic potential of a car! Everything was perfect about it – the price, the mileage, the year, the comfort-ability, even the color. The eye opener was when we went for a spin… and realized it was stick-shift. No Where online did it mention that it was stick shift. What a shocker. So that was it. We said thank you, and left… bummed.

We continued to car shop for the entire day after having a wonderful carefree lunch on the strip (Broadway) in Nashville. It was very clear to me that the stick shift car was the car I wanted, and far out weighed the others… Which meant one thing.

I was going to learn how to drive stick.

The next day we woke up incredibly early to make sure we had time to drive the hour and half back to Nashville to make sure I got the car. It was Veteran’s day. I was already grateful beyond belief for the soldiers who have given their blood, sweat & tears for our country… and I felt so blessed that I was able to spend the day with My soldier – active duty for six years, and signed on for at lease five more. He is the epitome of the All American Soldier – and I love him for everything that he is. I felt like I was walking around with a celebrity all day, even though he loves to be inconspicuous.

We got the car! Paid cash, and little did we know that the universe would give us all sorts of breaks due to Ryan’s time in the service. And just like that – within 32hours, we found and purchased a wonderful car that I get to learn how to drive!

On top of that… I was offered a ‘job’ back in Wisconsin during the time that Ryan will be in Missouri during 2018! So… Just as I was focusing and asking for, I received. What I learned is that the more specific I ask, the more specific the answers.  So, while I was hoping to find a ‘job’ here in Kentucky, the Universe knows better and has decided to take me home to Wisconsin, so I can work and be around my friends and family while Ryan is away for training.

Funny how it all works out, isn’t it? Now, to watch the rest unfold.


This week has been a grueling week for me… but in hind sight, it all makes sense.

I just returned ‘home’ from a week in Las Vegas for my company’s annual national convention – a fantastic weekend full of realizations, re-directions, new friends, old friends, and major decisions.

I’ve been on the fence with staying with my company or not, and of course I am on an all time high after the event – full of fire and gusto to ‘make it happen’… I had a great start with new contacts and calls the first few days back, then life hit.

Bills, deadlines, real life decisions.

I’ve been keeping up fantastically with my MKMMA readings (which I have recorded myself reading all of the readings, and I listen to in my own voice), and visualizations.I find myself looking forward to listening to the recordings throughout the day.

I decided to make a few additions to my DMP, which I have sent in and it feels more accurate to me now.

A big thing I have been teetering with is living in Kentucky, needing to buy a new car, and find a ‘job’… however I will be traveling throughout the holidays, and will be staying in Wisconsin from January-April… so finding a ‘job’ in Kentucky for the time being is going to have to wait until I come back in April.

I got pulled over on Wednesday for passing a truck. I did not know that I was going 5 over – I thought the speed limit was 65 on the country road. I was incredibly happy that he gave me a warning, however he asked to see my proof of insurance, which Ryan had in his wallet, at work.  Because I did not have it on me in the car, the police officer issued me a court date to prove that I had Kentucky insurance. This frustrated me big time, even though I was on Ryan’s insurance.All I could think was ‘OK, This is happening for a reason’. No biggie. I’m covered. No reason to be frustrated.

On the job front: the frustration of hitting the pavement going door to door with my MLM company… and having to pay the bills… so searching for a ‘job’ is becoming more and more daunting.  The school district is still my top choice, but again, it will have to wait until I move back in April.

This week has been about lots of deep breaths, clearing my mind from all of the ‘what if’s’, and just allowing things to ‘BE’.  Everything will work out in the end, the way it’s supposed to.

This week’s assignment was to have absolutely no opinions, whatsoever. I thought this would be easy! Well, let me tell you… it was easy- but what did for me was absolutely shocking. I shocked myself numerous times, and stirred many feelings of embarrassment and shame.

This assignment helped me become completely aware of all of my opinions, and I realized that they were, for the most part, not nice… at all.

Now, let me allow my ego a chance to say that I love finding things to love… finding the good in things… so now that that’s out of the way, I’ll get on with the dirty, honest truth.

I always thought that I was a very kind & open minded person, and this awareness has really helped me understand two things:

1) Everything is an opinion. Everything. And, opinions are almost always a form of judgment…

2) If I’m catching myself with negative opinions, what does that say about me?! 😱


The assignment was enlightening and helped me ‘check’ myself.  I then started realizing how judgmental I was, and I did not feel good about this realization.

Keeping quiet, just listening instead of interjecting was an interesting feat for me this week… as my awareness was wide open. I went through six airports on my way from Nashville to Las Vegas; not only were all of my senses on overload, my brain was bombarded with opinions!

In a way, the realizations unveiled through this assignment helped me chill out a bit and enjoy myself a little bit more. It’s a lot easier to just appreciate people and things just as they are instead of thinking a change on them.

This week has been quite the interesting week for me, and if you read my blog last week, you will already know that I had a huge ‘Ah-Ha’ moment truly stemming from not knowing what I want to ‘do’, yet realizing that all this time, if I truly listened to my subconscious, I’ve known the entire time what I wanted.

Last week I had kind of an awkward conversation with my parents about what I am going to do with my ‘life’ now that I’ve moved down south, and do not have a J.O.B. lined up.  That being said, I also had a realization a few weeks back, with them, that I’ve never really had to search for a job, they’ve always just come to me… something that my dad instilled in my subconscious as a little girl… and now I can see the manifestation of owning the ideas, thoughts and words whether they are given to me from someone else, or if they are my own.

I’ve never really been one to worry about what’s next, because I truly know that whatever happens will be fine because it’s supposed to happen. So now I live in Kentucky and only know my boyfriend, a few of his friends and the people that I have met at my new gym. This is a perfect place in my life to really instill the practices that I am learning in the Master Keys Program.

I loved The Flow of Affluence as soon as I read it during last Sunday’s webinar.  I wrote it out so it would be in my own handwriting, and have it hung on my office wall right next to the door so I can read it every time I travel through.

The Law of Giving and Receiving has really played a powerful part in my life, sometimes without me even realizing it until much later. Something that Mark J. said in this week’s webinar really resonated with me.

‘I give more, get more, and Expect the universe to take care of me.’

It is incredible what happens; what doors open and what doors close in perfect harmony to make everything in life happen. I love looking back on my life, especially the last eight years and actually be able to recognize this. Actually be able to know that I am where I am BECAUSE of all of those moments, Good and Bad. (thought… What is really good or bad?  It is more of… It is or It isn’t…)

Anyways, Last Wednesday started as a normal Wednesday as I drove Ryan to Fort Campbell for his eye appointment (to find out if he is eligible for lasik) before my TRX class at the Gym. Life happened and I became too late for my class, so Door 1 opened, and I went to Pilates instead. Ryan called 1/2 way through the class to let me know that I could come get him much earlier than expected (his eyes were dilated, so he couldn’t take his motorcycle in as usual). I decided to pick my dog, Roxy, up on my way back to the base, so she could play in the dog park while we waited. I brought my DMP to read over and adjust, my Og Mandino book, and my audios to listen to… so I was well prepared, just in case I had to wait a while.

Roxy and I pulled into the dog park and just as she started to get Super excited to run around with her friends, I felt the truck jolt and heard a loud bursting pop. I pulled into the parking lot to check the tire, and sure enough… a gigantic hole popped on the side of the tire with air blasting out. Awesome!  I was so happy that I was already at the dog park when this happened.

And you know what…?  I kind of shocked myself.  I was not at all mad, frustrated or angry. I had this feeling of calm over me, knowing that ‘what will be, Will be’, and I knew there was a purpose for this.  I have no clue what it is… and found myself thinking ‘Oh Great… What Karmic Debt is this paying off?!? I then had the thought of… maybe it wasn’t a lesson for me, yet… or at all…?

That is one thing that I am learning through this MKMMA course… I find myself really questioning purposes a Lot more than normal.

I was so happy that I had prepared myself for a long wait, with my reading materials…

A tow truck came to rescue us within an hour and a half, and the nice dealership had a complimentary shuttle to take me home instead of waiting there. Everything was going so smoothly!

And that’s where my fun and my brain really started going…

I grabbed my mail as I went into the house, and there was a bright pink Complimentary newspaper waiting Just For Me. Never once have we ordered the paper, and rarely do I read it in paper form. This particular paper was the Breast Cancer Awareness paper, and the very first article was there just for me to read. A gift given from the universe! Immediately, I called my mom to share in my excitement.  She is a survivor, one year strong! The headline: ‘School District Begins Recruitment’, written by the Chief Administrative Officer of the school district. I became so excited as all of a sudden the possibilities started expanding exponentially! Immediately, that awkward conversation with my parents last week vanished as I instantly became motivated and full of purpose. My brain started working out details and plans as my mom and I brainstormed about how to go about inquiring the positions that I would be perfect for. ‘I can be what I will to be!’ What a fantastic way to get involved with the community that I just moved to, and to be able to work with kids! To help mold and sculpt their young brains to become the masterpieces that they are fully capable of being.

I look forward to finding out where this seemingly random chain of events takes me. I have taken steps in the right direction, keeping an open mind that the correct events are given to me at the exact right time.

Until Next Week!